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Latinx Therapy

Nov 14, 2018

The website is LIVE. You can find it on! This website is fully bilingual and you'll be able to find the newest directory of Latinx Therapists and Psychologists. We are still undergoing sign ups so please be patient with us. In this directory there are very culture specific realities that you can choose from such as English Speaking Anxiety, Farmworkers, Immigration, Acculturation, among many others. You can find professionals who are conducting immigration evaluations, too!

In the website you’ll find bilingual recommended books, mental health YouTube channels, downloadable pdfs, mental health apps, a mental health screening from Mental Health America who I have partnered with, and bilingual non-profits that serve the community for free or low cost in the following areas: mental heath, legal, education, and community like food banks or job trainings. You can filter by state and need.

All the shows are currently being transcribed so that our deaf and hard of hearing community can have access to them. They should be complete by next week! I really want my site to be fully accessible to all.

We also have new shirts for our new campaign! All shirts are on sale for $17 instead of $22.

You can contact us at to place your order. Within the next week you'll be able to order it online.

Homepage Artwork by: Favianna Rodriguez


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