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Latinx Therapy

Oct 2, 2018

Today, I discuss how it is to grow up in businesses from a very young age with two individuals from different backgrounds, and who are also not mental health professionals. I speak with Pamela Barba from Georgia, an Ecuadorian native with a florist family business, and Zaira Gomez from Pennsylvania, whose parents are from Mexico own a pizza restaurant. Collaboratively, we share our personal experiences with what it is like to grow up in the business realm, and share our feelings about the struggles and worries of being a small business owner. 

We discuss the guilt we feel in the present when we practice self-care, the hope of our parents taking over a business we did not want, and also explore how to handle fears for our parents and what it is like to have problems within family members. Most importantly, we discuss how the business world shaped us to be the adults we are now.  

 To find out more about Pamela Barba from Georgia (Florist business):

Social Media Usernames: @MsPamelaBarba @VamosLadies

To find out more about Zaira Gomez from Pennsylvania (Restaurant business)- Twitter: @ZairaMex1

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