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Latinx Therapy

Apr 13, 2018

Latinx Therapy is a bilingual weekly podcast that discusses mental health from a cultural and psychological perspective. Join Adriana Alejandre interview professionals that support and specialize in mental health related topics to give a sneak peek of what goes on psychologically and to give professional knowledge about myths carried on in our culture from generations ago.

Each episode will be referred to a "sesión" (a "session" in Spanish). In this introductory sesión, you will learn more about your host and what to expect on the podcast. We will release episodes on Tuesdays and the following are the various kinds of sesiónes we will be offering:

QUESTION & ANSWER Segments will be part of all episodes. Record your message on the recorder found on the website to have your question aired and/or answered. Leave your name and state if you would like for your question to air!

BREAK THE STIGMA Guest segments will feature individuals who have overcome challenges, demystified stereotypes and created a different path, in hopes of empowering listeners and bringing awareness to mental health and the Latinx culture. These segments are more so stories of strength. #BreakTheStigma episodes will air at the end of the month. 

BONUS sesiónes will be in Spanish. There is no set schedule as to when they would air but they will come out in addition to our regularly scheduled episodes, so stay tuned on our social media!

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @LatinxTherapy, and Facebook will be "Latinx Therapy" and "Counseling and Trauma Therapy." Use #latinxtherapy on social media to refer to the podcast! 

For more information and bilingual resources, visit