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Latinx Therapy

May 5, 2020

In this episode, we have an introductory discussion on parents’ mental health with a focus on maternal parents. We discuss what factors parents have to consider for their mental health, risk factors for Latinx parents such as immigration status or acculturation, what to do if a parent is in need of support, and we discuss the generational mindset shift when it comes to mental health and getting treatment.

Our guest is Emilia Ortega- Jara who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is a Xicana psychotherapist & owner of the group practice, Corazón Counseling Service.

You can reach Emilia and the Corazon Counseling Team
Instagram @corazoncounseling



Find a Latinx Therapist :  

Parent Support International: (Free) Chat with a Therapist:

Check children’s school district resources for support groups

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