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Latinx Therapy

Jun 5, 2018

Sex is: for marriage, between a man and a woman, or behind closed doors. Think again!  

Welcome to sesion #14! I am really excited about today's episode because this topic is one that has heavy shame woven into it, and today, we start to break this stigma down.

Dr. Janet Brito, located in Hawaii, talks to us about the psychological notions that have been instills in us from generations ago. We talk about sex taboos, promiscuity, consequences for avoiding the topic of sex, what is sex therapy and common reasons why people go into sex therapy. Dr. Brito also answers two very common questions, such as: "How do I talk to my child about sex? What is the appropriate age?" and “how do I cope with sexual infidelity?”

Growing up, the saying Dr. Brito heard in regards to mental health was: “no le heches mucha crema a tus tacos.” She is the owner of Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health. Her website is very informative so be sure to check it out!

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Thank you everyone who is supporting the podcast via Venmo @LatinxTherapy. For those of you inquiring about the merchandise, it will be available this week. Check the website out on Thursday and any social media page of mine. Dr. Brito will be back with us Thursday for the Spanish version of this one! It’s a bit different but still so informative!

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