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Latinx Therapy

Mar 13, 2019

Today we discuss an important cultural value, cleaning. It may not be realized but the manner in which we are taught to clean and why we clean has mental health implications that go unnoticed because it’s done on an automatic and/or daily basis. For a lot of people in our community, cleaning is one of the elements that gives us status, or perhaps one of the things that we truly have control over. We discuss the shame that cleaning has had, the insecurities of asking for cleaning help, or even hiring cleaning help, where resentment comes from when there is a lack of help, cleaning when it comes to children & how to reconcile cleaning styles with others you live with.

Our Guest: Lorena Salazar is a first-generation Latina raised in Inglewood California. She specializes in adult children and spouses who are caring for an elder adult and/or someone with a degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s, and has a practice in Torrence, CA. She grew up in a Mexican household where mental health was never addressed or even acknowledged, instead it was seen as a “personal flaw” or personal characteristic. Lorena’s mom was a housecleaner, and realized that it was actually coping mechanism for the adults in her home. It wasn’t until recently that mental health has been discussed openly in her family.

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