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Latinx Therapy

May 28, 2024

Today we speak with Latina Psychiatrist Dr. Vanessa Velez who shares about her medical school background through rotations and residency, the support received from her parents upon choosing the career, and we also spoke about the the stigma of medication, how depression, anxiety and bipolar symptoms can benefit from psychiatry and the oppression that exists within the medical field. Dr. Velez answers the following questions before closing this episode: 

  • How can we as therapists communicate with a psychiatrist and discuss treatment plans for a shared client?
  • When should we consider medication -
  • What cultural background questions do u ask, if any?


Follow Dr. Vanessa Velez at and @VanessaVelezMDart on Instagram. She is accepting for anyone who lives in California, and is on the Latinx Therapy Directory, too. 


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