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Latinx Therapy

May 22, 2021

In this episode we speak with Paulina Isabel Almarosa who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Founder of Latinx Grief. We discuss what grief and grieving is, how grief causes changes within us, how to help a loved one grieving and resources for those grieving. 

Follow our guest, Paulina Isabel Almarosa, LCSW on Instagram: @latinxgrief & stay tuned for her to launch her private practice!

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Find a Therapist:

Resources Mentioned in Episode: 

  • Book: It’s Ok that You’re Not Ok- Megan Devine (available in Spanish)


  • The National Grief Center for Children & Families: 


  • Groups in SoCal: (free groups & education for children & adults)


  • Nationwide: Google your state’s Victims of Crime program for free counseling (for victims of crimes)