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Latinx Therapy

Jan 16, 2020

Season 3 will be dedicated to Children's Mental Health topics. Please note that I recorded many of these interviews in 2018 but just was not been able to edit and release them due to many schedule changes I had in my life in 2019.

The reason why I had thought of having a whole season on children mental health is truly because there’s a child in all of us, so even if you are not a parent or caregiver, this is for anyone who grew up as a child in the Latinx culture. 

In this trailer, I give a few updates with Latinx Therapy including

  • We opened a wellness center in Burbank, CA and are renting office spaces & have a group/training room for events (fits 30 people). We are also renting our podcast studio for $12/hr.
  • Latinx Therapy is launching a speaker directory so organizations can find a Latinx mental health professional for workshops, panels, keynotes & more. Check us out on our site! 
  • Our Therapist-Directory is growing! Find your Latinx Therapist on
  • If you need to use your insurance, check out our Resources tab & select "Non-Profits" then filter by state and "mental health."
  • Sponsorships/ad spots on the podcast for Latinx small business owners, fill out if interested in 15-second pre-roll ads:

I will be posting my events and upcoming speaking engagements on my homepage of our website, and on my Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Follow us: @latinxtherapy 

Thank you for all your support! Next episode is set to release on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week!